Botanical Dreams & Tropical Journey
BOTANICAL DREAMS A beautiful and delicate watercolour flower print created in our own studio. The colours are soft and gentle. TROPICAL JOURNEY A print taking you into the deep tropical forest - comes in beautiful shades of green or blue
We have a new range of solid melamine colours – all pastels. If you are in a dreamy mood this range is just right for you!
“GINGER in the Garden”
We love picnics and eating in the garden under the trees surrounded by flowers, butterflies and birds. “GINGER in the Garden” melamine range is all about that so please join us!
“Flower Power and Pink Flamingos”
In this collection we have let ourselves be inspired by the “flower children” and our favored bird the flamingo.
“GINGER Laminated”
It is such a practical material and made in our signature prints you have a brought collection of products that for sure will turn heads.
Melamine is made for kids! It does not break, its light and safe. We have several collections with cool designs that will excite and inspire kids – eating has never been more FUN!
We took inspiration from our fashion line where we love to play with buttons – why not adopt it onto our melamine. That is exactly what we did – stay playful!
We have made a special on-line catalog with all our great products for kids so it is easier for you to see the entire collection. Hope you will be excited about the collection and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on
“Solid Colours”
“Solid Colours” melamine range is our basic range mixing wonderful colours with great shapes – just great for every day use.
“My Secret Garden”
“My Secret Garden” melamine collection is taking inspiration in the romantic gardens of the past mixed with colourful flower prints.
“Asian Twist”
“Asian Twist” melamine range is a serious of 4 Asian inspired prints - be adventures and mix the designs.

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